Build your own Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis system

Build your own Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis system

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Part Number:101007
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Following are some guidelines helps you to select the right parts for your RO system.

- Add inline DI Resin filter to produce absolutely pure water with ZERO TDS.

- Single line TDS Meter: Measures TDS from one line to insures the system is providing the required level of pure water as needed.

- Dual TDS Meter: Measures water TDS from two lines and insures that the system and DI filter functioning properly. (recommended)

- Pressure Gauge: To monitor the feed water pressure going into your membrane housing. any pressure drop mean that the pre-filters get clogged with dirt and need to be replaced. (recommended)

- Flush Kit: To flush your membrane manually to extend the membrane life and efficiency. ( recommended for high RO production users only or if your incoming water supply ppm is higher than 600 ppm).

- Booster pump kit includes; Booster Pump & Transformer + High pressure switch. ( highly recommended if your incoming city/well water pressure is lower than 50PSI).

- Permeate Pump without pump: you either have to install the booster pump or permeate pump in the same system, you can't combine them both in the same system. (don't buy this with booster pump)

- Swap to 3/8" output: When you select this option; we will exchange the faucet connector, 5 stage inline carbon filter inlet/outlet fittings, tank fitting to accept 3/8" tubes, all the above related connecting tubes will be changed accordingly. Please note that when you select this option we will supply you 2 x 4 Feet tube in 3/8" and all the rest colors in 2 x 4 Feet 1/4" as listed in the tube description you will receive total 16 feet.

standard-system-slide02-specs-deluxe-faucet 5-stage-standard-system-slide03-installation standard-system-slide04-testing

5 Stages of Filtration:

Detailed Description:

All required fittings and instruction manuals are included.

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Replacement filters for Part Number:101007

3 sets Reverse Osmosis Water Filters + 50GPD membrane
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